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White film over iris

What is the cause of white appearing on the iris of eye ...

Joseph Johnson|1 days ago
Answer: There is more than one reason why the iris of an eye may become white. The most common reason is caused by age and is called arcus senilus (a terrible term to those of us who are getting older). Without being able to see your eye, I would advise you to consult an ophthalmologist just to be certain.

iris turning white - Eye Care - MedHelp

Ronald Wright|30 days ago
iris turning white dizzyann. I just noticed the top of my iris in both eyes have turned milky white in color. (I have brown eyes) It is about 1 mm in width and extends over the tpo portion of both eyes. Could this be due to improperly fitted contacts? or some other eye problem? The reason I noticed it is because I examined my eyes after my ...

white film building up on the edge of the eye - Eye Care ...

James Phillips|21 days ago
white film building up on the edge of the eye qwertz3822. Hello, and thanks in advance for looking at my question! ... I can see them in both eyes but only on the outside of my left eye can I see a layer of this white film that looks like it's made up of a lot of bits of this white substance building up over time. It's on the edge of the eye ...

Thin white film growing on iris...? | Yahoo Answers

Edward Moore|10 days ago
5/8/2009 · I just recently noticed this line of white film growing on the corner of my iris. I thought it was just a piece of hair or something, but then it wouldn't come off... and it's been there for a few months now. It hasn't gotten any bigger or more noticeable since I first saw it, but it obviously freaks me out. I hate going to doctors and I'm scared to death to even THINK about any kind of ...

White film over eye - Doctor answers - HealthTap

Anthony Mitchell|21 days ago
Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Kanter on white film over eye: Everyone's eyes are covered Buy a thin skin called conjunctiva. And in some people it is slightly yellow in color. The central part of your eye which looks either Brown blue or green does not have this covering.

Spot on Eye, Cloudy or White - American Academy of ...

Paul Jones|23 days ago
A white or cloudy spot on the eye is an abnormal appearance either on the eye or seen through the pupil. Spot on Eye, Cloudy or White may be associated with: . Corneal Ulcer

What Causes a Cloudy Film Over the Eye? | Reference.com

Kevin Anderson|13 days ago
According to the Eye Care Office of Ofner, Neale and Fleming, cataracts of the eye create a clouding of the lens inside the eye, behind the pupil or iris (the colored portion of the eye), that is often mistaken for a film over the eye.

IRIS DIAGNOSIS - Health - Science - Spirit

Kevin Smith|17 days ago
BLUISH-WHITE FILM: A bluish-white film beginning to cover the iris from the outer rim indicates poor circulation to this area and an anaemic condition. Often this film appears in the brain area, indicating approaching senility (arcus senilis).

Common Eye Problems and Infections - OnHealth

Edward Rodriguez|26 days ago
6/21/2016 · A cataract is a painless cloudy lens in the eye that causes blurry vision. It progresses slowly as we age (most people who live long enough will have some cataract-like changes to their cornea). Other causes of cataracts include diabetes, trauma, some medications, and excessive UV light exposure.. Your doctor can see a cataract while doing a routine eye exam.

I have film covering over sclera bilateral not over pupil ...

Donald Collins|14 days ago
1/27/2011 · I have film covering over sclera bilateral not over pupil what could this be - Answered by a verified Eye Doctor ... This white film is seen from the white part of the eye extending into the colored part- correct? ... within the last few days the area of my iris just around my pupil has changed color..my eyes are blue and now around the pupil ...

Iritis: Causes, Symptoms, Tests and Treatment - WebMD

John Moore|14 days ago
Iritis is a painful inflammation of the iris of the eye. Learn more from WebMD about its causes, symptoms, and treatment.

Eyes Turning White in Dogs - Definition, Cause, Solution ...

Thomas Moore|20 days ago
Eyes Turning White in Dogs - Why it Occurs, What to Do ... I have just come back from a walk and noticed her bottom eyelids are very droopy and one eye has got a little bit of a white cast over it. It doesn't seem to be worrying her at all I am just concerned. ... It is normal for the eye to be white (sclera) around the iris just like in humans ...

What causes a film over the eye - Doctor answers - HealthTap

George Gonzalez|16 days ago
Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Conrad on what causes a film over the eye: Fainting often can be the result of decreased blood flow to the brain. As the carotid arteries enter the skull, the first branches from them are actually to the eyes. Decreased blood flow to the eyes can result in a "greying out" of the vision. It occurs because the retinal and optic nerve tissues are not ...

What the Eyes Tell You: Abnormalities of the Iris

Donald Green|23 days ago
Answer: C. Iris atrophy results in a hypochromic heterochromia. Fuchs heterochromic iridocyclitis is a chronic inflammation of the iris and the ciliary body (iridocyclitis) that leads to irreversible atrophy of the pigmented stroma of the iris. The affected iris typically becomes lighter in color, leading to heterochomia if unilateral.

Should I be Concerned If I Discover A White Ring Around My ...

Ronald Jones|29 days ago
7/1/2014 · Have you recently noticed a white ring around your iris while applying makeup or shaving, or maybe you observed it in someone’s eyes during a conversation? Did you think to yourself, “I wonder what that is, a sign of cataracts?” Well, we are here to address your thoughts on this subject.